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Stripping old wallpaper services in Sydney 0423688352

stripping and wallpaper service from walls (and ceilings) to to prepare for re-preparing or re-plastering, or simply painting?

Many customers used to ask us if we do this when we were carrying out house-clearance jobs, so We now include wallpaper stripping and removal as a stand-alone service – and We can do it for low cost.

Stripping wallpaper is one of the messiest and the most time-consuming home-improvement jobs – an d it can be very frustrating

Being wallpaper removal professional for more than 20 years We also dispose of all leftover rubbish in the proper way.

Should you steam or spray with chemical?

How do you avoid damaging the wall?

You need to know the correct techniques to get the job done properly. You also need to use the right tools and have a lots of patience.

we remove vinyl tile floor.

Other wallpapers may not come off as easily so you’ll need to use a sponge and soak the paper with warm soapy water or a paper-stripping liquid. Let the paper soak for a good 10 minutes before scraping a little bit to see how much has loosened.

If you’re having no luck with the warm water it might be time to hire a steamer; you can find them at hardware stores.

Before you start with the steamer run a wallpaper perforator over the wall; it will produce hundreds of holes in the paper that will assist with the steaming process.

Move the steamer slowly across the wall. The steam will penetrate and dissolve the adhesive through the holes you’ve made with the wallpaper perforator, making the paper easier to remove. Try not to let the steamer stay in one spot for too long.

It’s a good idea to fill the steamer’s tank with hot water so you don’t have to wait for cold water to come to the boil.

When scraping off the paper, use a stripping knife, which is designed specifically for the job. The knife should be held at an angle which is enough to get under the paper but not enough to dig into the wall. The easiest method is to work upwards, so starting at the bottom of the wall is best.

Once you’ve removed all the wallpaper, smooth out any roughness with a light sanding.

Be sure not to leave stripped paper around the room because as the adhesive dries, it will stick to whatever it’s resting on.

Now the old stuff is gone here’s how to replace it with some really

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